Four Community Leaders Join Together to Master Plan Miami’s Arsht Center District

Four influential community leaders have announced the founding of the Town Square Neighborhood Development Corporation (“TSNDC”) — a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and independent entity that will oversee the development of Miami’s emerging Arsht Center District.   The decision to form the TSNDC occurred in 2010 and is being formalized now that funding has been secured.  TSNDC will be chaired by Armando Codina, chairman of Codina Partners.

“We came together a year ago with the goal of ensuring that the landscape of the Arsht Center District neighborhood evolves into a vibrant neighborhood supportive of what has become Miami’s cultural entertainment heart,” said Codina.  Joining Codina on the TSNDC are vice chair Manny Diaz, former City of Miami mayor; treasurer Michael Eidson, chairman of the Performing Arts Center Trust Board of Directors and partner of the South Florida law firm Colson Hicks Eidson; and secretary Parker Thomson, founding chair of the Performing Arts Center Trust Board of Directors.

“Because the Arsht Center [Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County] is the cultural and economic backbone of this dynamic neighborhood, it is naturally suited to take on a leadership role so that the district continues to thrive,” said Eidson. “The future of this area has yet to be determined, and we want to have a strong imprint on what shape it takes.”

The TSNDC took its first action by selecting Cesar Pelli, the world-renowned architect behind the Arsht Center design, to handle the master planning for the development of the Arsht Center District.  The appointment was made possible through the awarding of $300,000 in grant funding from ArtPlace — a federal initiative in concert with private foundations, including the Knight Foundation, aimed at revitalizing America’s cities by making the arts the center of economic development.

Citing the Lincoln Center, Los Angeles Music Center and Southbank Centre districts as examples, Pelli expressed his excitement at achieving a similar outcome for cultural and economic excellence that would radiate from this project.   “The ability to master plan the surrounding environs and raise the profile of this great cultural center is critical,” said Pelli.  “I am delighted to be back and have the opportunity to plan the evolution of the district around the Arsht Center and help shape its future.” 

“The TSNDC’s plan will create an urban fabric that makes the neighborhood more desirable to live in, and one that will stand the test of time,” said Manny Diaz vice chair and former City of Miami mayor.

Last week during the grant award announcement, Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez commented on the Center’s economic importance to the community, saying that “with private and public development flourishing around the Center, it is crucial that the arts scene that first ignited this community remain a driver of future development.”

Working in partnership with neighboring communities, the TSNDC plans to have an active role in overseeing the development and redevelopment of the district by advocating for best solutions as infrastructure is developed; addressing future Arsht Center expansion needs; and supporting the Arsht Center itself as a catalyst to improve the livability of the surrounding urban neighborhoods through cultural programming and entrepreneurial business ventures.

“The Arsht Center looks forward to working hand-in-hand with the TSNDC team to engage the community and oversee a new master plan for this neighborhood,” said John Richard, CEO of the Arsht Center. “We are grateful for their service and determination to build a new Town Square for Miami with our world-class performing arts center as the centerpiece.”

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